10 Highlights from Stockholm 2018


The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the must-visit event for those who are passionate about Scandinavian design, innovative smart solutions and trends in the industry. Oriented towards commercial, hospitality and residential spaces, the fair is the ideal opportunity to gather designers, architects, manufacturers and furniture consultants together. In 2018, the fair showcased 700 exhibitors and continued its educational initiative by organising the Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks. We are pleased to present 10 highlights from our visit to Stockholm and we’d love you to share your favourite brand with us.


Designed and produced in Sweden, the Blå Station products are among the most distinctive in the industry. For a second consecutive year, the brand presents its award-winning sofa system BOB at the Stockholm Furniture Fair where it attracted once more the audience’s attention. What differentiates BOB from all other products in the market is the multifunctional design providing “almost unlimited options” in terms of shapes, colours and fabrics. No matter the size of the office, this sofa system allows you to fully optimise the space and customise every part of it in order to appeal to individual needs.


Norwegian brand, Northern, made its debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair showcasing a range of fresh contemporary designs. Until recently, the brand was well known in the design world as Northern Lighting but has now taken a different direction and expanded its product portfolio to furniture and accessories. Their pouf series is particularly suitable for the fun part of the office where employees can spend time socialising and collaborating, whereas the Daybe sofa would be the perfect addition to any reception area.


Another impressive stand design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair was by family-owned Danish company – Woud. Even though it is still at the infancy stage of its market presence, the brand has managed to successfully position itself among the industry leaders. What truly caught our attention in Stockholm was the Nakki sofa which offers a comfortable seating experience, minimalistic sofa legs and rounded edges. Combined with the Dot pendant, this furniture piece would be the perfect fit for a small meeting room or a relaxing area where employees can escape from the busy office environment.


While the open-plan office environment stimulates collaboration, cultivates a sense of community and reduces real estate costs, it also causes an excessive amount of noise which could result in lower levels of productivity. Realising the need for sound absorption in the workplace, Abstracta has taken this idea to a whole new level introducing its acoustic lighting designs, which were one of the main attractions at the fair. Not only does the noise-dampening lamp bring some intimacy to large interiors, but it also reduces the visual stress. Thus, acoustic lighting brings us one step closer to the optimal office environment.


One of the most discussed brands at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 was the winner of the “Best Product” category – Offecct. Designed by Jin Kuramoto, the Jin chair has a unique structure which was achieved by layering thin Flax fibres on top of each other making it strong yet light at the same time. Offecct have also presented Soundwave Ennis by Frank Lloyd Wright, their brand new acoustic panel aiming to reduce the constant stream of sounds we are exposed to. Its artistic design makes this high-quality panel suitable for the contemporary interior and architecture designs.


Placing a great importance on high quality natural materials, NORR11 offer a wide range of hand-crafted furniture pieces. The Mammoth Sofa is only one example of their elegant designs which, when combined with the Elephant Chair, are an excellent solution for those seeking to create a more intimate feel to any office space owing to their cleverly curved frame. Their durable materials along with the playful, oversized quilted fabrics make NORR11 a fantastic choice for the contemporary workplace.


With more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, James Burleigh are renowned worldwide for their visually appealing, strong, and durable products. In Stockholm, they presented a series of stools, tables and benches in various colours and fabrics demonstrating their extensive range of products. The solid hardwood legs along with the colourful laminate touch are at the core of the brand’s identity adding a burst of vibrancy and modernity to the office space.


After nearly 60 years of collaboration with the Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, GETAMA’s product lines remain highly acclaimed for their superior quality and durable design. At the fair, the brand has relaunched the Tux Armchair which offers a geometric design and bold colour palette which caught the eyes of numerous visitors. While the Scandinavian inspired chairs are often preferred for meeting rooms, the GETAMA couch is an excellent furniture piece for receptions or social spaces.


When designing an office space, selecting the most appropriate furniture designs is key but there are other important decisions to be made including aspects such as wallcoverings. Writable surfaces are becoming increasingly popular and help to facilitate simple, clear communication in the workplace. Lintex is one of the leading European brands producing a wide range of writing boards including magnetic whiteboards as well as glass boards, both available in a freestanding version providing greater flexibility. The brand’s revolutionary Silk-glass writing surface was showcased at the Stockholm Furniture Fair allowing visitors to experience its smooth, silky matt surface. With no reflection, the new writing board responds to the change in light throughout the day and guarantees a consistent visibility at all times.


The Danish brand HAY also took part in the Stockholm Design Week introducing Workspace 2.0 - the stylistically pure installation showcasing its new workplace collections. They have been designed with the latest trends in mind bringing a more residential, homely feel to the work environment. What’s more, they offer customisable and adaptable solutions making them appeal to various office styles and needs as well as stimulating productivity and bringing innovation at the workplace.

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*Cover Image by Stockholm Furniture Fair