Highlights From 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair


This week we were back at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, and it never fails to impress. Once again there were some fantastic products on show. We’re picking out the key trends we’re seeing for 2019 and some of our brand highlights.

Metal & More

Industrial is an enduring trend, continually adapted and updated. We loved the clean lines at Jonas Ihreborn, Normann Copenhagen and Magis. Chairs, sofas and high stools in muted, mid-century colours with curving metallic arms and legs.

Jess Designs combine steel with seductive leather and suede, requiring minimal maintenance and developing an appealing patina over time. A piece of designer furniture is, they say “not a product; it is a passion.”

Honest Furniture

Hand-made, pared back, spare design with wood and leather that lets the natural beauty of the material come through. Olby uses wood, stone, iron, linen, wool, and cotton to create timeless, simple pieces. Using quality materials and unfussy designs, the furniture is beautiful, honest and reliable.

Home Away from Home

A meeting room that looks like a living room. Lighting and accessories to complement your office decor. Home crosses into office and hospitality. At Fritz Hansen they are integrating all furniture, lighting and accessories for a more coherent offer that brings a personal, comfortable feel to a commercial setting. A more daring approach is demonstrated with their Drop chair. Originally in shades of grey and black, they were showing it in pastel shades of pink and blue.

We want to be more bold, to dare more and to step out of the ordinary.

Fritz Hansen

Private Space

Office pods from Martela, Silent Lab and Silen, provide a sound-proof, private space for employees to work alone or in small groups. Additional flexibility is added with pods which are mobile and so easy to move around that you could change the location every day if you wanted.

Saving the Planet

Employers are responding to the social responsibility concerns of their millennial workforce and unsurprisingly Scandinavian countries are on board with this trend. Winning the best stand at the exhibition, Baux’s 100% bio-based acoustic pulp panel is produced from sustainable materials and uses zero chemicals. Lovi, create beautiful, acoustic trees that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Made of felt from recycled plastic, they are a colourful addition to any commercial setting.

Summer Style

Despite the snow outside there was plenty of inspiration for outdoor space. We liked Nola for modular bench seating, Fermob for colourful tables and chairs and Cane-line for comfortable, outdoor furniture to accommodate large groups.

There's so much crossover from domestic to commercial settings. A meeting room that looks like a living room, and colourful, quirky furniture.

Team Bureau