Bureau Meets Designers at 100% Design


Every year, interior designers and industry professionals gather together for the biggest design event in the UK, 100% Design! As the country’s longest running design exhibition, 100% Design showcased a plethora of exciting new trends, innovative products and over 400 international designer brands. During our time at the fair, our Creative Consultant Mac caught up with some designers in the industry including Dare Studio, Jess Design, Hayche & Roger Lewis.

Dare Studio

Award winning designer furniture brand, Dare Studio was established in 2009 by expert designer, Sean Dare. A family run business, Dare Studio is known for brilliantly British and contemporary design, expert craftsmanship and bespoke design service. Creating luxury designer furniture, lighting and accessories, the team at Dare Studio understand the importance of creating a long-lasting one of a kind piece for customers to treasure forever. With a focus on an honest use of materials, all Dare Studio products are hand finished in the UK and true example of the best in British design.

What makes your product special?

Each piece is crafted in the hope that it will be considered as an heirloom. To be enjoyed by generations to come.

How would you describe your clients?

Discerning, with an appreciation for quality and style.

We feel that there is a renewed energy at 100% Design this year. We had our debut here with the Katakana writing desk in 2009.

Sean Dare, Designer & Founder of Dare Studio

Jess Design

With 20 years of industry experience, Jess Design has influenced many other designers with their innovative furniture designs. The company’s pillow seam aesthetic is featured on many of their sofas and chairs and has become somewhat of a trademark look. With distinctive shapes and clever choice of colourways, Jess Design produce unique, daring yet timeless pieces of luxury furniture. Priding themselves on individuality, Jess Design products focus on the lifetime value of a piece, including leather and raw materials that only get better with age. With designs featured in the head offices of Sony, Google, Coca Cola and Spotify, Jess Design bring comfort and style to any space.

This is our first time exhibiting in London and having found recognition throughout Europe we are looking forward to building new relationships.

Maarten van de Goor, Director at Jess Design


This London based design company have a huge belief in creative expression which is evident in their latest WW Colour Series. Experimenting with a combination of bold colourways Hayche’s new collection effectively showcases the studios adventurous ethos. Aiming to enrich clients lives with their contemporary designs, Hayche are innovative thinkers, constantly exploring new methods and processes and developing imaginative, authentic and functional products. Using ancient Mexican weaving techniques for their Loom collection, Hayche mix innovation and tradition in the most stylish way possible. Delivering a bespoke service, Hayche’s contemporary collections can be found in a range of sectors including private residences, hospitality and more! Despite only launching in 2014, Hayche has gone from strength to strength in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down.

How would you describe your furniture?

Unique, bright and bold. An exciting combination of mixed materials with an extra level of detailing and design consideration.

How would you describe your clients?

Bold, looking for something a little bit different with lots of personality. Someone who takes delight in the unexpected.

We have been really impressed. It feels like the show has once again become a destination, reminiscent of the Earl's Court days. It's great to see a return of quality.

Paul Tanner, Managing Director at Hayche

Roger Lewis

A family run business with 30 year’s industry experience, the team at Roger Lewis are British designers and makers with a passion for producing high quality products. Experts in upholstery, Roger Lewis sell their furniture worldwide and to a whole range of sectors including retail, hospitality and corporate environments. Always happy to collaborate, Roger Lewis have recently joined forces with designer James Wright to bring additional expertise from the contract market including working environments such as boardrooms, hotels and commercial breakout areas. All the furniture made at Roger Lewis is done so using traditional techniques, materials and practices.

How would you describe your furniture?

Well-proportioned and full of character. The quality of our designs and upholstery offers longevity but most importantly, it's got to be beautiful! We tend to use plainer fabrics to better showcase the form and shape of each piece.

How would you describe your clients?

Conscious of quality and style.

Lots of young design companies at 100% Design this year and a really fun energy. I like the new branding and playful use of colours throughout the venue.

Nick Lewis, Design Director at Roger Lewis