Project Spotlight: AutoRek


We recently had the pleasure of working with the talented design team at Graven on their latest workspace design project for the office relocation of AutoRek, a leading financial service provider.

The entire fourth floor of the newly refurbished and historically significant, Garment Factory, provided AutoRek with double their previous space. They wished to create a flexible and collaborative environment which would maximise the open plan design.

Inspired by the building's industrial heritage
, Graven’s design exploits the spacious feel and natural light of the large warehouse floorplate while respecting the original cast iron columns and structural grid.

Bureau helped us every step of the way, they are inspiring and customer-focused, and their on-site set-up team were brilliant - approachable and resourceful.

Fiona Millar and Leanne McAllister, AutoRek

Contemporary furniture pieces from various brands were selected to fit seamlessly into the exposed and industrial look of AutoRek’s new office space.

The main office area featured a wide range of products aiming to encourage employees’ collaboration and movement throughout the space. Selected for its form, functionality and style, Interstuhl’s EVERY1 Swivel Task Chair provides optimum lumbar and posture support.

With headcount set to grow to over 100 employees, it was crucial to design a configurable and adaptable working environment that can accommodate the planned growth. A mix of versatile desking systems, the Soho2 and the latest Box Range by Mobili allow for ample communication and collaboration between employees and creates a dynamic workspace with multi-sided access and storage.

The meeting areas have been designed to accommodate a range of activities from brainstorming and ad-hoc sessions to company gatherings. This is why it was essential to work closely with the design team at Graven to ensure all furniture pieces were flexible and accommodating to the wide array of uses.

Naughtone’s pale green Polly Chairs with Jennifer Newman’s Huddle and Studio Mobile tables added a touch of Scandinavian flair to the space whilst allowing different formations to be created to suit different meeting styles.

For more formal meetings and seminars, Graven designed a semi-private meeting room with a sliding partition wall providing greater flexibility for ultimate space efficiency. New Design Group’s Drum Tub chair and R-XL round table were selected in order to make this space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Also featured in AutoRek’s meeting rooms is the Classic X table by Steel Vintage whose grey oak top and matt black leg finish further contributes to the industrial vibe of the space.

A series of smaller more informal breakout spaces offered up the opportunity for a softer touch. The Plushalle ‘Ø’ sofa is featured at the rear of the office providing AutoRek’s staff a location to relax, unwind and catch up with fellow employees. At the entrance to the office the Hay Mags sofa accompanied by the Hay AAL low swivel chair created a soft and welcoming environment.

In the heart of the office is where you’ll find Connection’s Platform bleacher seating with under seat storage which further contributes to the collaborative work environment and aims to stimulate socialising between different teams.

It was a pleasure working alongside such a highly skilled and knowledgeable design team at Graven along with the passionate hands-on approach from AutoRek. The end result is testament to the dedication to all aspects of this project.

Alex Cox, Bureau’s UK North Sales Manager