An Interview with Workstories


Why did you decide to change your brand identity?

Our story began in 2013, when we partnered with the global brand ‘Bestuhl’ to supply their range of task and meeting chairs. Fast forward and Workstories is represented by 5 amazing brands, carefully curated from across the globe to create a highly coherent collection of furniture. Our new brand identity, from Bestuhl to Workstories, encompasses better this diversity.

What’s the story behind your new brand name Workstories?

We couldn’t have started this new chapter without what we value the most – people. Our own team of passionate individuals, in the UK and around the world, alongside the fantastic companies we work with help us create lasting relationships. We engage in conversation with our clients, bringing our shared expertise together to create the perfect environment whatever their narrative. Our story is told through our clients’ stories…and Workstories sums this up!

Tell us a bit about the range of brands and products Workstories represent?

BESTUHL - Ergonomic, efficient and effective, Bestuhl offers a range of highly engineered task and meeting chairs. Beautifully designed and beautifully functional, these are chairs for spaces where work gets done.

ALBION - Designed by us, reimagined by you, Albion systems furniture is handmade entirely in the UK to an almost infinite range of combinations. This is British craftsmanship made to last, for spaces that need to deliver.

MAD - Clean, light, elegant designs that deliver functionality and simplicity - this is a range of contemporary furniture designed by a team of international product designers without compromise. Perfect for simple spaces that get used day in and day out.

UNITED STRANGERS - An eclectic range that blends the old and the new, east coast and west coast, ethical materials and handcrafted finishes, to create spaces designed for conversations.

SOURCETEC - Like all great technology, Sourcetec meets modern demands as if it had always been there. Power supply and cabling that blends into environments, designed to flex around your space.

Where are Workstories products often used?

The majority of our products ends in the commercial office & hospitality environment. However, there is more than ever a fine line between residential and commercial, so we also find our products being used lovingly in people’s home.

You are one of the fastest growing furniture companies in the UK – what do you put this down to?

We love what we do and listen to our customers, engaging with them on new products and brands. They feel invested and part of our journey. We consider a lot of our customers as friends.

Are there any exciting new products in the pipeline for 2018-2019?

New sofa ranges, new fabrics and a new meeting chair that will really elevate the Bestuhl brand.

What inspires you and your team?

Looking at our finished projects.

And finally, what is Workstories in three words?

In 4 words… Creating spaces that work!