An interview with Solidkit


How did Solidkit come about?

For a few years I had a desire to return to my first design passion and set up a furniture company. However, I wasn’t sure which market to enter, but things just fell into place when meeting and collaborating with the right people. As the Solidkit team developed, I was able to find a focus and find time to explore a number of ideas before hitting upon the current product range. It was one of those Eureka moments, which happened by having all the pieces of the jigsaw in place.

What inspires you and your design team?

The whole team is fascinated by materials and once we found something new we can lose hours as we play around, share ideas and create new product concepts. In truth, nothing pleases us or inspires us more than finding a new, exciting and interesting material.

Can you tell us about the benefits of using Solidkit products?

We’ve created a range of products that offer flexible solutions rather than just finished products. This allows architects and designers to have complete adaptability and we can create a bespoke piece that fits with their vision. As we developed the range we faced the challenge that our products have to practical but also impress and inspire our customers and their clients. We were able to overcome these challenges and create products that are easy to install and create an instant wow factor.

Where are Solidkit products often used?

Our range currently focuses on reception spaces, which means our products have to create positive first impressions of a brand. That is why we concentrated on a developing a range of counters and complimentary wall surfaces.

Are there any exciting new products in the pipeline for 2018?

Yes! Now that we’ve establish our product range and have built the brand and have a strong reputation, we can now allow ourselves to go have a bit of fun. We’re currently developing a table system and some 'ready to use’ furniture.