An interview with Deadgood


How did Deadgood come about?

Dan: The brand began over 10 years ago by myself and Deadgood’s co-founder, Elliot Brook. We both studied at Northumbria University and, as there weren’t many jobs available, with a bit of naivety and a lot of bravado, we started the business from one of our bedrooms using a product from our Form Collection for the launch. From there we have built the Deadgood brand, our range of products, our team, suppliers and contacts and have a London design studio in addition to our Newcastle office.

Where are Deadgood products often used?

Dan: Our furniture, lighting and accessories are created primarily for commercial environments for specification by interior designers and are generally found in high specification offices, cafes, bars and hotels as well as some private residences.

Elliot: We are extremely proud to count some of the most recognised global brands as valued clients and can demonstrate our relevance within a growing portfolio of projects.

How important is using British manufacturers to you?

Elliot: This might sound clichéd but I do believe that we’re representing the next generation, the future of the British design scene. Not in a contrived self-fulfilling or egotistical way, just in terms of sentiment, our evolution within the industry and our collective beliefs. We’re very humble in this respect.

Dan: It’s very important. The factories we use cover the length and breadth of the UK and it is this talented group of people that provide our customers with the Deadgood products that take their projects from good to great.

Our community of craftsmen pour their hearts and souls into producing an eclectic portfolio of products and, in every sense, they help us differentiate ourselves as a manufacturing company. Their breadth of knowledge, technical ability and wealth of experience has allowed us to develop a truly great British brand, built on the industrial heritage for which we are world renowned.

What inspires you and your design team?

Dan: We’re a very eclectic bunch and we all have different sources of inspiration. For me personally, I don’t look too closely at contemporary designers for inspiration. I’m more likely to be inspired by an old vintage sofa being chucked out in a skip, or scouring vintage shops, rather than purposefully going to design fairs for ideas. Art and music also inspire me.

Elliot: Music, fashion, popular culture, technology, art, travel; all these things feed into our philosophy and our style. We try our very best to bottle a variety of reference points up into a brand that just happen to develop beautiful products. This is the very essence of Deadgood. We feel it is this varied source of inspiration that makes our brand relevant to our peers. After all it is our generation that are coming of age and succeeding in their careers too, occupying senior positions within some of the most renowned architecture and design practices. If we can continue to use these multiple reference points in a fun and engaging way that aligns with our team’s personalities, then we can see great longevity with our brand.

You’ve made a big impact in the design industry in a relatively short time – what do you put this down to?

Dan: We’re passionate about making products, we love our work and we have a great team, we’re very much like a family. Including interns and suppliers there are literally hundreds of people what have helped us over the years. It’s also nice to make beautiful products in Britain, I think that’s what people have really bought into.

Elliot: We’ve never been too concerned about ‘the industry’, success in our eyes depends on our happiness and our ability to continuously move towards our goals. As always, it goes back to our vision of developing one of the world’s leading design brands. Now that’s not something that’s going to happen overnight, it means that as a company we’re in a constant state of evolution; morphing and developing, ebbing and flowing, continuously growing and trying new things in terms of promotion and product development, people and planning.

And finally, what is Deadgood?

Dan: Eternal delight, to know how to do something well and enjoy doing it.

Elliot: Life.